As you know, there are a few days left until the Heating Installer Awards deadline, and we want to make sure that installers are getting involved for all of the right reasons! With this in mind, we sat down with our media partner, Installer Magazine, to discuss everything #HIAwards. We spoke with Joe Sharpe, Installer’s online editor, about why Installer partners with the awards, what advice he would give installers, why installers should enter and what his favourite part of the awards is. Here is what he had to say…

  1. Why do you partner with the Heating Installer Awards?

There’s a lot of hard work that goes into being a heating and plumbing engineer, and I feel like a lot of installers don’t realise what a great job they do. They have to have the technical skills, business acumen and be the first-port-of call for their customers, so they really are on the front line of the industry. The work they do is really important to people’s lives, keeping homes warm and water flowing. We want to help shine a light on this, and the Heating Installer Awards is the perfect way to do that.

  1. What’s your top piece of advice for installers starting out in the industry?

My advice is to learn as much as possible. Book on to manufacturer training courses to really get to grips with products, read trade magazines and come to the shows to expand your knowledge, and look into business courses to help you with things like quoting, invoicing and cash flow.

There’s also a great community of installers who are always willing to offer their advice. Social media on Twitter, LinkedIn or in Facebook groups is a great way to expand your contact book.

  1. Why you think that installers should enter the awards?

Installers should enter the awards to be rewarded for the hard work they do every single day. I’ve spoken to all of the previous winners and they’ve been thrilled. The awards has helped them boost their business and increase their great reputation. Plus the money-can’t-buy prizes that are up for grabs can help the winners take their business to the next level.

  1. What is your favourite part of the Awards?

My favourite part is without doubt when the winner is announced live at the Installer Show. I make sure I never know beforehand because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it’s always one of the highlights of the day, and it’s great to see all the emotion from the winners. It’s clear it means a lot to them and I’d encourage any installer to get their entry in and get on that winners’ stage at Installer2019.

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