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The Heating Installer Awards is back for a fifth year and in 2020 we’re expecting more entries than ever. To help you stand out from your competition, we’ve pulled together some tips to help you write a really top-notch entry.

Be proud

In the past, some installers have said they feel like they’re bragging when filling in the entry, something that doesn’t come naturally to them. When we speak with a lot of people, they feel like they haven’t done any work worth shouting about but this is just because they perform above and beyond every day! In our experience, heating installers seem quite humble, but this is your chance to really show how great you are without worrying about showing off.

Be detailed

The more information you can give us, the better. The greater detail you go into, the better position the judges will be in to understand exactly why you should make the shortlist. So setting aside enough time to fill in the entry form is important. We would recommend half an hour to an hour to really give justice to the great work carried out. Don’t be afraid to go into lots of technical details; the judges are all experts in their fields so your entries will be understood and very much appreciated. Don’t worry about your entry being too long just give us all the information you can and we’ll help cut it down if necessary.


The most important part of the entry is an example of your good work. You should showcase a project you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of or that was a great engineering feat. In the past, we’ve heard about all sorts, from installers saving people from having no heating or hot water on Christmas Day, to those who have used pioneering techniques never before seen in the UK, so there really is a wide range of examples possible for this section. Also feel free to include more than one example or submit more than one entry if you have a number of projects you’re proud of!

Use the HIA team

If you aren’t comfortable with writing, or don’t have the time to sit down and fill in an entry, this shouldn’t stop you from entering. The team at the Heating Installer Awards is happy to take entries over the phone – we’ll type up all the information you give us and input it into an entry form for you. Whether you’re sat down at home in the evening, or driving to your next job at 7am, we’ll work around the day and time that suits you.


A picture tells a thousand words and this is definitely true with the Heating Installer Awards. Make sure that you take a picture when working on any jobs your do. Not only can you use them to market yourself, but they’re great supporting evidence when working on your entry for the awards.


If you want to strengthen your entry, you could add in a review from the customer. This third party endorsement can really help strengthen an entry. These can come from homeowners, businesses, third party suppliers or a main contractor that hired you. If you aren’t comfortable with contacting people for a referral then you could just provide contact details and the Heating Installer Awards team will get in touch with them on your behalf.

Why, why, why!

When filling in your entry, try and explain why you did things every step of the way. When telling us what products you used for an project, add a sentence to explain why, as sometimes, even without thinking about it, installers use products and applications in innovative ways that can revolutionise the industry.

You can enter the Heating Installer Awards 2020 here by filling in the short form or calling us on 0161 8711188. To hear more about the Heating Installer Awards and to find out some exciting developments this year, follow @HIAwards on Twitter and Instagram.

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