Apprentice of the Month 2018

Welcome to the Apprentice of the Month competition!

The Apprentice of the Month competition celebrates young tradespeople who are passionate about the future of plumbing and heating, going above and beyond in their apprenticeships to set the standards of the industry.

Launched by the Heating Installer Awards, the Apprentice of the Month competition was formed after a demand from young people who wanted to see a new type of competitions recognising the efforts they put into their plumbing and heating qualifications. You asked – we delivered.

You can use this site to submit your applications to be the best apprentice each month. The winner is decided by a combination of votes from our judges (who are the awards’ sponsors) and social media engagement across Facebook and Twitter. So this means you can influence the final outcome by asking your friends and family to follow the awards’ social media accounts to cast their vote with a like, share or RT.

Working together with renowned organisations from the heating industry who support apprentices in their learning and qualifications, we aim to make the future of the plumbing and heating industry the best it can possibly be – and you’re helping us achieve that!

About the awards

The Apprentice of the Month competition was launched in 2017 as a way of recognising apprentices who go above and beyond in their qualification.

It is a monthly-rolling competition that exists mainly on social media, making it accessible to young tradespeople. As well as the competition, Apprentice of the Month also serves to inform, educate and upskill young people via industry news, product insight and career advice.

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