Highly Commended

East Midlands Highly Commended

Name: Chris Surridge
Business: Meridian Heating Ltd

Please tell us about a project you are particularly proud of – what was the problem and how did you solve it for the customer? 

I undertook this job for my customer who wanted to convert a building into 5 separate rooms (HMO). The first problem I encountered was water pressure as the property was fed from an old lead main and would not be able to supply the house with suitable pressure to support the demand. Planning in a new water main and sizing a suitable booster was the first task. The customer wanted to have each room individually controlled so that each room could be supplied with heating for a set amount of time as ascertained by the landlord. I found a suitable controller that was able to be set.

The hot water for communal areas for washing and utilities such as washing machines would be provided by a Combi boiler, and the rest of the hot water required would be fed from an unvented cylinder. I sized this to suit the high demand times. With each room we had to run dedicated flow and return pipework, which meant a lot of pipework and planning routes throughout the building. I decided the best way to supply this was by pumping each zone individually, as this would save money on larger pumps and zone valves and ensure that, if there was a breakdown of the secondary pump, the rest of the building would continue to operate due to multiple pumps being installed. With the system being so big, the volume of water and lengths of run flow rates were a concern to keep the boiler operating efficiently so I installed a low loss header and addition expansion vessel.

Which products did you select for the job and why? 

I selected products from Stuart Turner for the mains boost system. Their design team were really helpful and were able to provide multiple options or solutions to install. I used Wilo Pumps for the heating circulation due to the cost and the ease of setup which were perfect for the application I needed. For the heating and stored water, I offered a few options to the customers and we decided together to use the brand, Vaillant. The warranty and the fact that I am familiar with these products made it easier for me to work with, and also meant that both me and the customer could have peace of mind that the products were of the highest quality and that should anything go wrong, the customer would be covered. Products from tesla and caleffi were also used as well as DAB pumps for secondary hot water circulation as these presented great cost-effective options with good reputation.

Tell us what was different or unique about this job? Why does it stand out? 

The job was hugely different for me and it stands out as the biggest job I’ve undertaken. What I feel makes this unique is that it doesn’t follow the usual concepts of my work. The install included the use of multiple pumps and multiple zones, plus there was a great deal of planning involved which is very important to me and was different to the usual domestic work I undertake. I was also able to provide a system that exceeded the expectations of my customer.

And finally, tell us what the end result was for your customer? 

The end result for my customer is an installation that gives full control over heating and hot water as well as performance that will supply tenants with easy use. It’s also a system that is designed to be as trouble free as possible, reducing the chance of breakdowns and failures, meaning an easier life for the landlord whilst also saving on long-term costs.