Most Sustainable

Most Sustainable Installer

Name: Alan Dean Marcon
Business: Green and Reliable Heating

Please explain, using specific examples, how you are making genuine effort to reduce the environmental impact of your business and improve your sustainable practice?

We are the first business in the UK to swap our work van from diesel to HVO. Me and the team also commit to fitting the highest efficient HVO fossil free fuel boilers in the UK where heat pumps aren’t suitable – which is the only green way. I frequently use renewable methods where I can, including heat pumps, however, I think it’s important that we find the most efficient and eco-friendly solutions for jobs where a heat pump isn’t viable. If I work on making a change with every job I do, rather than just those that use heat pumps, then I’m going to see the biggest difference. This means working around heritage buildings, and old buildings with oil boilers to find a cleaner alternative that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels.

How are you helping your customers become more sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment? Please provide at least one example.

I’m working on making a bigger change for my customers and community, while I continue to make changes in my day-to-day work as well. I often do TV appearances with BBC and local news channels on sustainable alternative fuels and free energy recovery. This helps get wider coverage on the issues at hand and reach a wider audience of installers. I’ve also been going through my local MP to try make a change with sustainable methods of heating and hopefully get this issue in front of the government.

Please provide details of a project you are proud of which made use of sustainable products and/or processes – what was the problem for the customer and how did you solve it? What products did you use and why? What was the end result?

A project where I recently used sustainable products was an installation that I did for a rugby club. Their main problem was the masses of hot water they were using daily. I installed an oversized solar thermal system which provides near free energy in summer even with huge hot water demand. This has saved them a lot of money and has allowed them to have access to hot water at all times. It was the perfect solution for their needs. I mainly used Firebird products including heat pumps, solar thermal, underfloor heating and HVO boilers, which I know to be incredibly reliable and energy efficient. Now, both me and the customer rest easy knowing that we’re doing our bit for the planet.