Highly Commended

North East Highly Commended

Name: Robert Westall
Business: RGW Plumbing and Heating

Please tell us about a project you are particularly proud of – what was the problem and how did you solve it for the customer? 

A job I’m particularly proud of was the install of a fully zoned central heating and pressurised hot water in a castle. During the project I had to replace the tank fed hot water system and get rid of the outdated and inefficient night storage heaters. With it being an English heritage listed building, I had a lot of difficulties especially with fitting the boiler as there were only certain walls that I could take the flues out of. Just figuring out the overall layout of the building and assessing which walls I was able to go through was challenging and time consuming. In the end, I created a plant room in the vaulted ballroom which allowed space for the two big boilers and the flues to run outside. Other challenges included system design, pipe runs and extremely thick walls!

Which products did you select for the job and why? 

I used two Worcester 8000 life boilers linked via a Worcester low loss header to get the heat output and zoning. As the property was listed and there were so many fittings required, I used press-fit fittings throughout, with the occasional solder ring where absolutely necessary, using a Rothenerger press tool to minimise hot works. This combination of products made sense for this job as, due to the sheer size of the building, I knew I would need two boilers and pipework to heat three separate zones in addition to hot water zones.

Tell us what was different or unique about this job? Why does it stand out? 

It was a privilege to work in such an old prestigious building and have the chance to take on my biggest project yet. It’s not every day you get the chance to work in a castle! This project definitely stands out to me compared to other projects I’ve done because it was such an interesting place to conduct an installation, and really felt like a once-in-a-career project. Being able to solve the problems on such a large-scale building gave me a massive sense of achievement, as I knew I was taking on a big challenge and was delighted that I was able to complete the job successfully.

And finally, tell us what the end result was for your customer? 

The benefits to the customer were huge as their old system was costing a fortune to run and was very inefficient. Before I started work, the customer’s property was running on 180ltrs of hot water on a gravity system for two bathrooms, and a separate 200ltr direct hot water heated via immersion heaters for the other 3 bathrooms. Now, after the new install, they have 500 litres of pressurised hot water with temperature and time control with secondary circulation, as well as three central heating zones independently timed for maximum system control. The customer was very pleased with the outcome of the installation, which I found incredibly rewarding.