Rising Star

Rising Star Finalist

Name: Craig Forrest

Please provide at least one example of a problem that you have encountered on-the-job and how you worked with your employer to overcome it:

There was an issue at the start of last year when installing a new water main into a building. After inserting the new water main into the building, the electricians did not want the pipe coming through a particular hole and wanted us to move it to another hole further into the building. We communicated with the site manager, electricians and the ground workers and we worked together using a digger and a pull chain to remove the water main. With efficient communication and a desire to get the job done, we managed successfully to move the water main to the other hole on the same afternoon, leaving all parties happy.

Please provide at least one example of how you have gone the extra mile and/or shown outstanding commitment during your apprenticeship. Please note: working additional hours to get a job done will not qualify:

We were working away during a supermarket renovation and were pushed for time due to the fridge installers as they could only install the fridges after 10pm. Once installed, we had to pipe up from underneath the shop floor into the entire bank of fridge units from the chilled system and then test them before 6am the next morning as the shop had to stock the fridges and then have the store ready for the mornings opening times. I feel I learnt a lot about myself that I could keep calm under pressure as well as working quickly and efficiently with my team.

And finally, what do you think are three important qualities of a good heating installer and how have you demonstrated these qualities during the initial stages of your career?

Firstly, I think professionalism, as it is fundamental to work safely and efficiently in order to be safe and considerate to yourself and others. Secondly, I believe a commitment to maintaining good working practices so that you can be proud of your work helps you to go a long way in your career. I consider myself to be somewhat of a perfectionist and we have some major clients, so the work we have to complete for them has to be of the highest standard. Therefore, errors and snags have to be very rare. Finally, I believe having an interest in new technologies will be vital to every heating installer over the next few years and beyond because we are beginning to install new renewable heating systems in order to reduce our dependency on gas. In the coming years, there will be no choice but to move to renewable energies to heat our country. So, I have started install air source heat pumps in the past few months and I am excited to be a part of this new renewable install drive.