Rising Star

Rising Star Finalist

Name: James Bolton

Please provide at least one example of a problem that you have encountered on-the-job and how you worked with your employer to overcome it:

We have been working on a change of use project from offices to residential. Due to the makeup of the steel, the project was extremely complicated with holes in steels only available within the centre of the building. This gave numerous problems with distribution of services (pipework, ventilation, sprinklers and wiring). I came up with the idea of having one central riser, and then dropping individually to each central location and splitting. By changing the original design, we were able to make it much more viable and solve the massive problem we were having of working around the actual permanent structure of the building.

Please provide at least one example of how you have gone the extra mile and/or shown outstanding commitment during your apprenticeship. Please note: working additional hours to get a job done will not qualify:

During the initial covid outbreak I worked tirelessly at a local hospital to ensure the new A & E mechanical services and plumbing was up and running to cope with the massive increase in covid 19 patients. I worked in a live hospital environment with a danger to health, as covid was a new disease and the implications were not known. I worked without fuss and got the work completed diligently while wearing full PPE including gown, mask, visor gloves etc.

And finally, what do you think are three important qualities of a good heating installer and how have you demonstrated these qualities during the initial stages of your career?

Initiative – I re-designed a project to provide a solution for my team, which allowed us to move forward with the job successfully. I believe an important quality of a good heating engineer would be reliability to both your employer and clients. I’ve demonstrated this by being willing to work whenever needed including multiple weekends to get jobs completed and throughout all of the covid pandemic at Darlington Hospital. Another quality is having good attention to detail and being able to work accurately. This is demonstrated by planning each job before rushing into it such as when installing appliances in cupboards when space is usually limited.