Regional Winners

Scotland Regional Winner 

Name: Ian Williamson
Business: Dynamic Energy

Please tell us about a project you are particularly proud of – what was the problem and how did you solve it for the customer? 

I am qualified in gas, lpg, oil, heat pump, biomass and solid fuel but specialise in solid fuel heating installations.

This area can be particularly challenging and whilst most companies in my area pick the easy gas combi swaps, I prefer a challenge, something that most companies would walk away from.

Last year I completed a new house, off grid with no mains power or mains water. I installed underfloor heating and radiators along with a solid fuel / multi fuel stove, 500 litre thermal store. As there’s no mains power, I had to incorporate inverters in order to allow the heating controls to be overrated at 230v whilst the supply is from wind, battery and solar pv.

This was a particularly interesting and complex job which really stood out to me and one that I am very proud of!

Which products did you select for the job and why? 

Macdonald engineers custom designed by myself and custom made a 500-litre thermal store in order to provide copious amounts of heating and hot water all year round.

Tell us what was different or unique about this job? Why does it stand out? 

The property was off grid with no mains water or power. This provided its own challenges as you can imagine, we had to complete the majority of the work whilst it was light.

There is temporary water fed from a spring supply until the client saves up enough money to invest in a bore hole to supply their water.

And finally, tell us what the end result was for your customer? 

I provided a highly efficient and effective heating and hot water system which allows the client to live off grid at very low cost whilst keeping cosy and providing them with plenty of hot water.